[3rd Wave Music] SOL4GOD MAY 2012 PRAYERS for Van Ness & 3rd Wave teams

[3rd Wave Music] SOL4GOD MAY 2012 PRAYERS for Van Ness & 3rd Wave teams

Join us as part of SOL4GOD to pray for @alexander_0729 @siwon407 @Brianjoomuzik @VanNessVanWu @3rdWaveMusic on 5/1 & anytime in the month of MAY!

SOL4GOD stands for Soldiers of Light for God. Partners @brianjoo110 @SiwonLover @Xander_Lovers and Van Ness Wu International Fan Club [Malaysia] (http://www.facebook.com/VIFCVanNessWuMalaysia) pray together on the 1st of every month. We invite you to pray with us for the artists that we love and support! ^^

Have a great week ahead! God bless~


GROUP PRAYER: Please pray for the following anytime on May 1st. ^^



1. Alexander - Pray that Xander will be able to overcome any obstacles that he would need to face. Also, pray for his overseas schedule and trips for his upcoming fanmeetings.

2. Kibum - Pray for Kibum's family to be healthy, and his company will be able to overcome any difficulties it may encounter.

3. U-Kiss - Pray for the members' health, especially amidst their comebacks and their busy schedule.



1. Siwon's character - Siwon always wants to have great character. Please pray that God will help Siwon to build divine character. Pray that wherever he goes, Siwon will always maintain his emotions very well and be in self-control. Let every situation that he faces be a motivation for him to be a more real Soldier of Light. Please pray that Siwon always stays humble and can learn from everything around him. Pray that Siwon can see the situations he has to face from God's point of view and always keep in mind that every negative thought and feeling is not from God. Things happen to help him become a true Soldier of Light.

2. Siwon's activities - Please pray that Siwon will always maintain a healthy lifestyle in this fully-packed month: Eat well, drink well, and have good-quality sleep. Pray for his on production drama "Back to the Past." Please pray for Super Junior's Super Show 4 World Tour on May 12-13 in Japan at Tokyo Dome and May 26-27 in Seoul at the Olympic Gymnastics Arena. Pray that not only will they make fans feel happy, but they can also leave a good impression and share a positive message. Also, pray for various events that Siwon is involved in and his role as ambassador for some brands (e.g., Kyochon, Acer, Mamonde, etc.).

3. Siwon and his family - Pray for Siwon's family: Mr. & Mrs. Choi and his beloved sister, Jiwon to always be in God's favor. Please pray that Siwon can do more good with 3rd Wave and be involved in more Christian events as he is always eager to share about his faith. Also, pray for Siwon's beloved brothers in Super Junior, Leeteuk, Heechul, Shindong, Yesung, Sungmin, Eunhyuk, Donghae, Ryeowook, Kyuhyun, Kangin, Zhou Mi, and Henry to always be in good spirits. Pray for them to always thank God for everything that they have accomplished and stay humble. May Super Junior continue to keep their brotherhood and maintain a strong bond as well as always support each other and be together.



1. Brian and his family - Brian's cousin, Justin, suddenly passed away last month, so Brian had to fly back to New Jersey to be with family. Thanksgiving to God that the funeral service proceeded smoothly. Please pray that Brian and his family can find strength and comfort in the Lord. May His peace cover them and that they can feel His love even during this season of grieving. Brian is still in New Jersey and will be returning to Korea next week. Please pray for him to have a safe trip back. Also, pray that during his time with family, he can get proper rest and be in good health before delving back into work again.

2. Brian's career - Pray that Brian will place his goals and dreams in God's hands and that He will provide him with opportunities to showcase his various talents. Through what he does, may God use Brian to be His salt and light in the industry. Knowing that it has always been a dream of Brian's to venture into acting and to release an album in the U.S., pray that God will connect Brian with the right people in His perfect time. Also, pray that more and more people will come to know Brian and be drawn to his music, his personality, etc. so that he can feel everyone's love and support, which in turn gives him strength and motivation.

3. Brian's spiritual life - Pray that Brian will always stay close to God. No matter what struggles he has to face, pray that he will always know that God is the one in control and He loves him very much. Also, pray that Brian will keep his focus on God because there will be times when he has to deal with unpleasant comments or negativity from those in his environment. Pray that he can overcome all those situations through being aligned with God. May he keep growing in his spiritual walk as he reads God's Word and deepens relationships with God as well as brothers and sisters in Christ. Pray that God will continue to use Brian for things that will be beyond his imagination and that he will be amazed and blessed.


Van Ness:

1. Van Ness' new drama - Van's new drama "Ti Amo Chocolate" is currently airing in Taiwan. Pray that this drama will receive great response from the viewers and that they will enjoy watching Van's acting in this drama. At the same time, the drama shooting is still ongoing. Pray that the shooting process will go smoothly and that his acting skills will be even better compared to previous dramas. Also, pray that he will be able to memorize the Chinese script easily.

2. Van Ness' music career - Van's MV for the duet song with 2PM's Junho "Undefeated" (The OST of "Ti Amo Chocolate") is a great song and the MV is awesome. It received tremendous response from the fans. Let's pray that more and more great songs and duet collaborations, which will strengthen his music career in Asia, will be coming up soon. Thanksgiving to God for all the opportunities given to him and for the great collaboration with Junho.

3. Van Ness' life - Pray that out of his busy schedule, Van will be take care of his health and get enough rest. Also, pray that he will smile and be happy always.


3rd Wave:

1. 3rd Wave in Taiwan - Pastor Johnny headed to Taiwan along with the team and Alexander as musical guests in the Jesus Fashion Concert hosted by New Life Church. Thanksgiving for the opportunity to serve the Lord with other artists from various parts of Asia who were in Taiwan this past weekend. There were four sessions that took place--originally three, but a fourth was added due to the overwhelming response. Praise God!! Over 10,000 people attended and hundreds were saved. Pray that God will continue to guide us in partnering with brothers and sisters who share the same vision so that we can do His good work together as one body in Christ. Also, pray for those who do not know Him yet to open up their hearts. Through this past weekend, may the seeds that were sown be watered and grow. We are so excited about what lies ahead through our partnership with New Life Church and others. Pray that God will continue to reveal to us His perfect plan and may we be in sync with His timing and obey His instructions.

2. 3rd Wave's proceeds - Through album sales and funds raised, we are hoping to have surgeries performed in Ivory Coast, West Africa this summer by medical professionals. Pray that God will prepare the way for these plans and that everything will proceed smoothly so that those who need the surgeries can receive the proper medical treatment. May God give the team wisdom to handle the finances and other aspects of this project.

3. 3rd Wave's ministry - Pray that God will grow this church and build up brothers and sisters through being closer to Him. May He give them a heart that seeks Jesus and be after His heart to serve the people who are in need. And in turn, they can experience the love of God.


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